1. Steel construction and installation of winter construction strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the implementation of steel construction in winter.

2. Steel components are made of negative temperature temperature installation, should be based on the difference in ambient temperature to consider component shrinkage, and in the construction to take the adjustment of technical measures.

3. Participate in the construction of negative temperature steel welders should be through the negative temperature welding process training, examination qualified, and obtain the appropriate certificate.

4. The steel used in the negative temperature and the relevant connection materials shall be accompanied by a quality certificate which meets the requirements of design and product standards.

5. Under the negative temperature of the electrode exposed to not more than 2 hours, more than 2 hours to re-bake, the number of electrode baking no more than 3 times.

6. Flux before use in accordance with the provisions of the baking, so that the water content of not more than 0.1%.

7. High temperature bolts used in negative temperature must have product certification, and in the negative temperature torque coefficient, axial force of the re-inspection work.

8. Under the negative temperature of the steel structure used in the coating shall not use water-based paint.

9. When the component is cut, the shrinkage margin should be reserved, and the amount of shrinkage and compression deformation should be coordinated with the amount of shrinkage produced by the steel at negative temperature.

10. When assembling the components, according to the order specified by the process from the inside out to expand the group fight, in the negative temperature group when the test to determine the need to set the weld shrinkage value.

11. When assembling the components, remove the rust, burr, dirt, oil, ice and other debris left in the seam 50mm, keep the joints dry and no residual moisture.

12. Under the negative temperature of more than 9mm steel welding should be used multi-layer welding, the weld from bottom to top layer by layer welding, each weld a welding, such as welding interruption, in the welding before the first to remove the welding defects. Do not shoot on the base metal.

13. Steel site installation, in case of snow or wind speed above 6m / s, erection of shelters.

14. Unqualified welds are reworked and welded according to the requirements of the steel structure welding process at negative temperatures.

15. Ambient temperature below 0 ℃, brushing the anti-corrosion coating before the brushing process test, brushing the surface of the components must be rust, oil, burrs and other things clean and keep the surface dry. Snow or components on the thin ice may not be brushing work.

16. winter transport, stacking steel structure to take anti-slip measures, component stacking site smooth solid puddles, no ice on the ground. When the same model member is stacked, the component should be level, the horn on the same vertical line, and prevent the components from slipping.

17. Before the installation of the steel structure according to the requirements of negative temperature conditions, the quality of its re-inspection, the production of missing and transport stacking deformation of the components, on the ground to repair correction.

18. The use of steel hoisting steel components should be added anti-skid septum, and components at the same time lifting the node board, the installation staff need to use the fixture and other materials with a rope tied firmly.

19. According to the temperature conditions of the preparation of steel components installation sequence chart, construction in strict accordance with the provisions of the order to install.

20. Preparation of steel structure installation welding process, a component at both ends shall not be welded at the same time.

21. Before installation, remove the surface of the components of ice, snow, dew, but not damage the coating.

23. high-strength bolts when the components of the friction surface of the friction surface shall not have snow, not contact with soil, oil and other stolen goods.

24. Under the negative temperature of the steel structure installation quality in addition to compliance with the "steel structure construction and acceptance of norms" (GB50250-95) requirements, but also according to the design requirements for inspection and acceptance.

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