Strong lightning weather, atmospheric motion produced by high pressure through strong electrical equipment of the power cable or antenna instantaneous discharge, cause electrical electronic components within the breakdown or molten, and cause permanent damage to electrical appliances. Use are charging mobile phone, and through the power of the computer, etc, may be bad, and even hurt people.

In the home how to mine? When lightning weather, you must shut the doors and Windows, prevent thunder into the house; Indoor personnel to stay away from Windows and doors, not can use the solar energy water heater to take a bath, try not to use electric equipment, especially computers, TV sets and mobile phone charger, etc. Self-built buildings top metal clothes-horse, must do grounding; On the roof had better not have metallic baluster or shelf. When farmers new homes, but under the guidance of experts with the appropriate lightning protection facilities, in the village of lightning disasters happen many times, can consider to unified installation tower lightning protection.

Common lightning tower: lightning tower has the following several kinds of specifications: GFL Angle steel tower of lightning protection, GJT round steel tower of lightning protection, GH steel tube pole tower lightning tower, and other forms of metals.

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