First, the TV tower erection, removal, all kinds of launch antennas, accessories installation, screw fastening, tower mast, rust paint repair. Sub-feeder, transfer adapter, impedance converter inspection, finishing, replacement maintenance, matching the standing wave ratio is not greater than 1.1.

Two, In the wave triangle width of 0.5 meters, 1 meter and steel antenna erection, removal, screw fastening; tower correction, rust paint repair, replace the cable, insulator, pull plate, pull rod, even plate, Rope card. Demolition of the installation of resistance wire, cylindrical insulation frame, beacon lights, wire drawing plus butter maintenance, testing adjustment pull cable tension tonnage.

Third, the feeder line 230 European transmission line erection. Finishing six-wire line, feeder, ground, cable. 75 Europe coaxial cable hanging level, finishing, replacement, maintenance.

Fourth, microwave 2m, 3m antenna, feed pipe, accessories, removal of the installation, fixed, the direction of debugging, rust paint repair.

Fifth, the ground station erection, removal, maintenance, maintenance, reinforcement, the main, accessories paint anti-corrosion.

Sixth, replace the center of the wave insulator.

Seven, in the wave to lay the network.

Eight, 76 meters tower steel line made of plastic, more than 90 meters tower wire rope fork.

Nine, microwave, shortwave, monitoring station, dragon type, drum antenna installation, production, maintenance.

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