Have radiation, but are within the safety standards of the state, will not have what bad effects on the human body. Communication tower is built under the approval of the local environmental protection bureau, power is very small, under 200 mw, little harm to people.

Experts say, despite the electromagnetic radiation pollution this noun is a little strange, but it is very common in our life. Can make pollution sources of electromagnetic radiation pollution is everywhere, there are television and radio towers, radar station, communication transmitting station, substation, power lines, and computers, cell phones, microwave oven, electromagnetic range, even we took a subway train, and so on can produce electromagnetic radiation pollution.

Experts tell us, television tower, built in some cities because of the high tower is hundreds of meters, radiation area beyond the height of the residential buildings, basic will not impact on public health. Some tall erect a antenna, like parabolic antenna, mobile communications tower and pager stations antenna, the antenna power co., LTD., and controlled by local radio management committee, the residents had little impact.

China unicom, China mobile, China telecom's communications tower height above 45 meters, general and general residential building height is 7 floors, about 21 meters, tower antenna height is much higher than the existing housing, will not harm the human body.

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