1, communications tower anticorrosion method

Steel tower structure materials (except for the anchor bolts) all of the members are needed and antirust processing, general appropriate USES hot dip galvanizing, requires 30 years corrosion resistance.

The thickness of 2, communications tower anticorrosion requirements

Component of the galvanized layer thickness should meet the following requirements:

(1) the member thickness is greater than or equal to 5 mm components, galvanized layer thickness shall be not less than 86 microns.

(2) the component member thickness less than 5 mm, galvanized layer thickness shall be not less than 65 microns.

3, other requirements

Component of the galvanized layer surface should be smooth, practical in joints where there is no burr, diffuse lesions and excess agglomerate, can not have defects such as pickling and iron. Galvanized zinc layer should be uniform, and combine with base metals firm, by the hammer not shed, do not bump.

4, foundation bolts and anticorrosive footpads requirements

Show on the surface of the top bolt in the steel tower structure before installation, rust prevention measures should be taken, and properly protect, prevent bolt corrosion and damage. Steel pillar sole (flange), and the space between the base and the steel tower application of fine stone concrete pouring reinforced after the installation is complete. After the debugging, testing, tower foot tower foot and the anchor bolt should be closed with low strength grade concrete and protective layer thickness should not less than 50 mm.

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