1. Rainy day construction, should take a temporary shelter, the rain shall not fall on the hot weld.If the welding parts are relatively wet, must be wiped with a dry cloth and in the welding before the oxygen with oxygen flame dry, keep the joints dry, There is no residual moisture.

2. When lifting, if the components on the water, the installation should be cleaned before the clean, but not damage the coating, high-strength bolt connector installation, the component friction surface should be clean, can not have water droplets, not rain and contact with soil and oil Such as dirt.

3. Rainy weather widgets can not be painted.

4. Rain and five or more wind can not be roof insulation construction.

5. Rain because the air is relatively humid, the electrode storage should be moisture and baking, the same electrode repeated baking times should not exceed twice, and by the management staff in a timely manner to do baking records.

6. In case of windy weather, the column, the main beam, support and other large components should be immediately corrected, the correct position immediately after the permanent fixed to prevent the occurrence of unilateral instability, the day the installation of components, should form a space stability system.

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