1, implement the "prevention first, and the combination of" maintenance policy, organization learning about communications tower maintenance management specification, quality standards, according to the rules, regulations and standards of the concrete tower safety maintenance and management work;

2, prepare the annual work plan, implementation methods, steps and measures, organize the team to carry out the maintenance work as planned, on a regular basis to maintain quality inspection and examination;

3, establish and improve the communication tower safety maintenance technical documents, technical documents and maintenance data, correct, clear and complete;

4, sets up the idea of "prevention first, safety first", strictly enforce security maintenance operation procedures, ensure safety maintenance regulations;

5, prepare the inspection plan and overhaul, modification, update technology solutions, and timely feedback mobile company, on the basis of the implementation of the specific organization construction, technological transformation and participate in quality inspection and acceptance of work;

6, regular feedback to the mobile company work condition maintenance, regular quality analysis, analysis of the problems of the maintenance work, and put forward the improvement measures;

7, tissue repair timely unexpected obstacles, and all kinds of hidden dangers, major hidden dangers timely reporting;

8, organize technical training for maintenance personnel and technology exchanges, promote advanced maintenance experience, enhance maintenance personnel business level and operation skill, regular inspection maintenance personnel's service quality and work quality.

9, complete base station tower security, prevent fall and corrosion prevention, lightning protection, and other natural disasters.

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