Craft tower modeling handsome, both decorative effect, but also played the effect of lightning protection, a lot of technology tower because the installation of high-rise buildings in the top, the building itself up to dozens or even hundreds of meters, the tower itself is up to several tons or even tens of tons , In order to improve the technical tower of the wind stability function, requires the foundation of the tower to pour in the top of the building, the construction of the foundation has strict requirements.

First: the bearing capacity of the foundation is better.

Second: to ensure that the stability of the foundation requirements and foundation deformation does not exceed the maximum allowable value.

Third: the base can carry the basic value, can be identified by the physical properties of the normative bearing capacity

Fourth, the standard value of the bearing capacity of the foundation, this value is obtained by two methods, one by the field identification results and dynamic touch test hammering number directly check the specification bearing capacity table can also be based on the bearing capacity of the basic value by To return the correction factor.

Fifth: foundation bearing design value: the foundation in the premise of ensuring stability, to meet the settlement requirements of the building can withstand the load capacity. Can be directly from the plastic load can also be divided by the limit load by the safety factor, or by the base bearing capacity of the standard value after the base width and depth correction to determine.

Many of the carrying capacity of the craft tower foundation must be calculated and measured by the professional designers or related personnel. It is forbidden to do the construction enterprises in order to reduce the number of drawings.

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