The plan of the communication tower is aimed at the problem of the traditional heavy angle of the traditional angle steel tower, the large area and the high cost. Based on the planning and configuration experience of the communication tower in developed countries, the use of seamless steel pipe as tower material, Plan to minimize the weight of the tower, out of land occupation, save the basic cost and construction progress, comprehensive funding operators low communication tower configuration project cost, save the national land and steel resources, low operating and maintenance costs.

Communication tower using seamless steel pipe as tower material, the wind load coefficient is very small, with a very strong wind resistance, tower column is the use of the outer flange connection, bolts pull, not very easy to be destroyed, you can probably Reduce the cost of maintenance, tower column is triangular furnishings, can save about steel, covers an area is also very small, you can save the land resources, the site is very favorable, the tower's weight is not very heavy, transport and Resettlement is also very agile, configuration period is relatively short, which is the basic performance of the communications tower advantage.

There are many examples of communication towers, there are three tube communication tower, angle tower and cable tower, and several other categories, its application is very common, the performance is also better.

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