Tower installation process

1, buried bolts are not in place

2, line ladder installation does not meet the requirements

3, ladder of the transverse gear welding does not meet the requirements

4, paint peeling / leakage brush / rust phenomenon

Quality standards

1, the embedded bolt center line displacement tolerance of 5mm.

2, anchor bolts embedded position, with a large sample below the pouring of concrete, generally require a large sample of the tower 10CM.

3, after the completion of the installation of the tower, the anchor bolts at least revealing three nuts fastening nuts.

4, the installation of iron tower bar inspection: the main material, the surface and the inclined rod material should be properly installed, no error, missing

5, ladder should be used to pass through the welding groove

6, paint without peeling, leakage brush, rust phenomenon

7, the tower of all the appearance of the assembly whether the obvious distortion, wear
Quality certificate