There are three main types of base stations:

1, directional communication base station

In general, each directional base station has three directional sectors, each sector needs a pair of dual polarized directional antenna or 2 pay a single polarization directional antenna to complete the wireless signal transceiver function.

The main advantage of the directional communication base station is that it can accommodate the carrier frequency and can accommodate high traffic volume. In addition, because the directional antenna gain is high, the coverage distance is far and the coverage area can be increased. The disadvantage is that in low traffic areas, the use of targeted base stations may cause carrier frequency waste, increase investment.

Urban areas and high traffic in other areas, the main use of directional base stations, to meet capacity needs; in low traffic, but the base station density is small, large distance from rural areas, can also use directional base station + high gain antenna to meet Coverage requirements.

2, omnidirectional communication base station

Under normal circumstances, each omnidirectional base station has only one sector, need 2 to pay the antenna to complete the wireless signal transceiver function. Generally need a cabinet.

The main advantage of the omni-directional base station is that in low traffic areas, the use of omni-directional base stations to save carrier frequency, can be appropriate to reduce investment. The disadvantage is that the amount of traffic that can be accommodated is low and the coverage area is small.

Omnidirectional base stations are mainly suitable for rural areas with low traffic volume. Also in the indoor distribution, the main use of omni-directional base station.

3, hybrid communication base station

On the basis of the omnidirectional base station, adding one or two directional sectors can increase the coverage and capacity of the local area and save the carrier frequency than the directional base station. Mainly for rural areas.

At present, because the traffic is getting higher and higher, and the coverage requirements are getting higher and higher, so the proportion of directional base stations is relatively high, mixed base station rarely.

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