1, the high-altitude operations should regularly check the body, suffering from heart disease, anemia, high blood pressure and other diseases and other personnel are not suitable for high-altitude operations, shall not engage in high-altitude operations.

2, the pole must be carefully checked before the root is solid, if not firmly should be reinforced after the pole. But also to observe the surrounding areas with or without power lines or other obstacles and so on.

3, on the pole before checking the foot buckle and security belt is intact, if the problem can not be used.

4, after the pole, the security zone should be placed at a distance of 50 cm below the place.

5, with the pole on the pole, you must check the rod on the firm.

6, working on the pole, you must use the security belt, and buckle the security belt to work.

7, the pole was working, under a certain range of people not allowed.

8, the material used on the tool should be placed in the tool bag, to prevent falling injury.

9, on the pole in addition to personal equipment, are not allowed to carry any bulky tool material. Standing on the pole, between the building and the ground personnel shall not throw throw tools and materials.

10, the pole on the road there are some poles who, who need to work the poles and may be due to the work of the adjacent rod caused by uneven tension of the poles, should be made temporary cable or temporary support before climbing.

11, the use of hanging board, it should be noted:

(1) hanging on the hook on the plate wear off 1/4 shall not be used, sitting and tied rope tied should be solid.

(2) to sit the board, you must tie a security belt, and security will be brought in the hanging line.

(3) do not allow two people at the same time in a block to sit hanging board work.

(4) in the 2.0 / 7 below the hanging line are not allowed to use the hanging board work (not including 2.0 / 7 itself).

(5) to sit hanging board hanging line connector, you must use the ladder, after the pole, you must use the foot buckle or ladder, is strictly prohibited to climb over.

12, in the building when loading the leather line, do not stand on or squatting on the windowsill; such as the need to stand on the windowsill to work when the security belt.

13, in case of bad weather (such as six or more wind) affect the construction safety, should stop high altitude, lifting and piling operations.

14, in case of thunderstorms, prohibit the work on the pole, and not in the pole under the standing, after the rain on the pole to be careful to prevent the decline.

15, to work on the building is, must check whether the building is firm. Do not hold on.

16, work in the room must pay attention to safety, walking on the roof: tile house to take the tip, bungalows walking, asbestos staple, cement tile ridge, the roof walk edge. To avoid tending the roof tile.

17, to raise or lower the hanging line, you must use the tight line, not allowed to carry the push and pull, a small pair of cable can be used to support the ladder, and pay attention to the surrounding power lines.

18, in the continuation of overhead plastic cable, pay attention not to drop the tool material, and to discourage pedestrians do not wait and see in the following walk.

19, where the work along the cable hanging line, whether it is with a hanging board or bamboo ladder, you must first check the hanging line (with a rope hanging on the hanging line, the weight of one person on the rope test). To confirm the suspension line will not be interrupted at the same time both ends of the poles will not tilt diagonal, hanging line card clip will not loose, before work.

20, the use of the platform to work, should check the platform is solid, safe and reliable before use.

21, on the pole when working, should also pay attention to the transformer next to the power line hanging gate (generally lower), should be kept more than 2 meters away from the accident to avoid accidents.

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