1. All lightning tower metal parts must be galvanized, the operation of attention to protect the galvanized layer.

2. The use of galvanized steel pipe production tip, pipe wall thickness of not less than 3mm, tip brush tin length of not less than 70mm

3. The lightning tower should be installed vertically. The tolerance is 3/1000.

4. Welding requirements Welding should be used lap welding, the lap length must meet the following requirements.

5. Flat steel is 2 times its width (and at least 3 edge welds).

6. Round steel is 6 times its diameter.

7. Round steel and flat steel connection, the length of the round bar diameter of 6 times.

8. The lightning tower is usually made of round steel or steel pipe, its diameter should not be less than the following values:

An independent lightning tower is generally made of 19mm diameter galvanized round steel.

B on the roof of the lightning tower with diameter 25mm galvanized steel pipe.

C water tower at the top of the lightning tower with diameter 25mm or 40mm galvanized steel pipe

D on the top of the chimney tower diameter 25mm galvanized round bar or diameter of 40mm galvanized steel pipe e lightning ring with a diameter of 12mm galvanized round steel or section of 100mm2 galvanized flat steel, the thickness should be 4mm.

9 lightning tower should be made of round steel or welded steel pipe, the diameter should not be less than the following values: needle length 1m below: round bar for 12mm, steel pipe for the 20 mm, needle length 1-2m: round steel 16mm, steel pipe 25mm , The top of the chimney needle: round bar is 20 mm, steel pipe is 40 mm.

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