With the development of wireless communication technology, wireless communication technology has been widely used in railway communication. At present, the railway wireless communication technology mainly includes the following contents: wireless LieDiao, cluster, mobile communications, microwave communication and satellite communication earth. Wireless communication is dependent on the antenna device, the antenna can be used to launch both signals, can be used to receive radio signals, whatever the wireless communication technology, the installation of the antenna is necessary. Antenna installation according to the needs of different, can be installed in the ground or on the roof of the hob, and can be installed on the ground or the top of the Eiffel Tower, steel tower or the tower and must be installed on the basis of the concrete Eiffel Tower is the basis of wireless communication antenna installation, the height of the tower and according to the different, must also be attached to the concrete foundation of different is too small. In current railway construction [1991 no. 32 of the railway communication engineering budget quota "(hereinafter referred to as the" norm "32), wireless communications antenna installation is very simple, and communications antenna tower installation and concrete foundation, from the excavation to the base placing all missing items. These missing items of design units in the formulation of design for a fee, only when the package directly to the manufacturer of tower structures From basic foundation pit excavation, placing to transport to the construction site and field installation of tower components, all work done by the production of tower components manufacturers. Obviously, all these work from design to construction, not according to the relevant provisions of the procedures, thus caused the investment is not allowed in the design and construction of the quality is not high and the consequences such as rework waste. Wireless communication technology is still in development, wireless communications antenna installation from basic foundation pit excavation, placing to the iron tower and antenna installation, in "32 norm" in the revision of the standard and normalization of. On the basis of the establishment a complete quota project is very necessary.

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