1, the internal combustion engine when the start of the car, should be close together to shake the handle, from the bottom up to lift, from the top down hard pressure, or continuous shake. When the rope is started, it is not allowed to wrap the rope around the hand.

2, the internal combustion engine temperature is too high and need to open the tank cover, to prevent steam or water spray burns.

3, the generator room should be set up sandbox and carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment.

4, the generator to the distribution board and all electrical equipment on the wire, must be insulated well, fast joints, and erected in the insulation pillar, are not allowed to drag on the ground.

5, the generator is running, is strictly prohibited the body contact live part. Insulation must be carried out when there must be live work.

6, the air compressor gas pipe should be to avoid sharp bends, open the air supply valve, you must notify the work site in advance of the relevant personnel.

7, air compressor outlet is not allowed to work. Storage tank should be placed in place, is strictly prohibited sun exposure and high temperature baking.

8, the air compressor pressure gauge, safety valves and regulators should be regularly checked to maintain a sensitive and effective.

9, found that the barometer, oil pressure gauge, thermometer, ammeter, the indication value suddenly exceeded the provisions or instructions are not normal, leakage, leakage, leakage, oil or coolant suddenly interrupted, the occurrence of safety valve non-stop air or air compression Machine sound is not normal and so on, and can not be adjusted, should immediately stop maintenance.

10. It is strictly prohibited to use gasoline or kerosene to wash crankcase, filter or other air access parts.

11, frog-style ramming machine handle should be installed on the button switch, and package insulation materials. Insulation gloves should be used during operation.

12, the grinder is not allowed to install down the switch, the direction of rotation against the main channel.

13, the grinding machine workpiece bracket must be installed firmly, the bracket plane to be flat.

14, operation, should stand on the side of the wheel. Not allowed to use a wheel at the same time.

15, the wheel is not round, there are cracks and wear the remaining part of less than 25mm are not allowed to use.

16, portable electric wheel power cord, shall not have broken skin leakage. When used to wear insulated gloves, first start, after contact with the workpiece.

17, hand drill the power cord must not have broken skin leakage, the use should wear insulated gloves.

18, hand drill operation, should first start after contact with the workpiece. Drill thin parts to cushion the mat, drill diagonal hole to prevent skid drilling.

19, hand drill operation is not allowed to use the body directly on the pressure.

20, inverted chain wheel disc, inverted card, chain, if deformed and distorted, is strictly prohibited.

21, operation, are not allowed to stand in the bottom of the chain. Heavy objects need to stay in the space for a long time, to small chain bolt in the big chain

22, jack operation, should be placed on a smooth and solid place, and with pad mats really.

23, jack screw, nut if crack, prohibited to use.

24, the use of hydraulic jack, prohibit standing on the opposite side of the insurance, and not allowed to overload.

25, jacks to enhance the maximum working stroke, should not exceed 75% of the full length of the screw or rack.

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