1, structural deformation and basic subsidence situation. The structural deformation is mainly the verticality of the communication tower and the bending of the components. The actual axis of the vertical tower deviates from the design position (axis), which is not greater than 1/1500 of the measured height. The bending requirements of the component include the overall bending of the member is not greater than 1/1000 of the length, and the local bending is not greater than 1/750 of the measured length. In the inspection should pay attention to the location of the antenna at the location of the bending. The base subsidence is measured by the theodolite. If the tower is on the roof, you have to check the roof around the roof cracking deformation.

2, the degree of tightening the structure of the bolt. General paint painted tower mast structure, bolt tightening is not easy to loose, hot galvanized or hot sprayed zinc mast structure, easy to loose bolts. When checking the tightness of the bolts, pay special attention to the location of the antenna and the bolt at the tower check, check the bolt should be tightened, and the whole tower should also be tightened at the same time.

3, communication tower and tower lights intact and tightening situation.

4, the structure of anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion lamp situation. The length of time (re-paint) should be used depending on the type of paint and the ambient conditions. If the surface of the coating is found to lose its glossy area by 90%, the surface of the coating is rough, the area of weathering or cracking is 25%, the film is foaming, or the area of the rust is 40%. Maintain paint. Is the local or all the tower paint depending on the specific circumstances. If there is rust, you should be careful to remove the rust paint was clean. Hot galvanized corrosion, anti-corrosion performance is better, but inevitably in the transport installation process will be part of the galvanized was bruised, resulting in easy to rust in the future, in the inspection process once found in time to rust paint (local) The

5, the structure of the ice situation. When serious ice conditions occur, endangering the safety of the antenna and the tower, it should take temporary first aid measures, such as the use of electric heating method to melt the ice to reduce the structural load.

6, communication tower maintenance operations are high-altitude operations, operating personnel must have a high license, must strictly enforce the security system to ensure personal safety. Officers should undergo regular medical examinations.

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