According to the national standards, higher than that of the top 45 meters above the ground of tall buildings must be set beacon light. For the lights, and general purpose will not long on but shiny, flash frequency of not less than 20 times per minute, no more than 70 times per minute, specific provisions are as follows:

The classification, communications tower aviation obstruction light

Obstacle lamp is generally divided into low intensity, medium intensity and strong highlights three, obstruction light of vertical and horizontal distance is greater than 45 MiJianZhu and its facilities, can use three obstacles lights can cooperate with each other.

From the ground 90 meters above the building and facilities: using light intensity in the obstacle lights red flash, flash frequency should be between 20 to 60 beats per minute, flash of light intensity is not less than 1600 CD effectively; Or use the red highlights strong obstacle lights, the flash effect is more obvious. From the ground 150 meters above the building and facilities, strong specular obstacle lights to be used and must be white flash, flash frequency should be between 20-70 times per minute, the effective intensity with the background brightness.

Second, communications tower aviation obstruction light distribution

1, with respect to its obstruction light Settings should be the obstacles of highest point and the edge (i.e., recognizing the high and wide).

2, if the object at the top of the 45 meters higher than the surrounding ground, obstacles lights must be set up in the middle tier, middle tier equal distance must be not greater than 45 m and as far as possible (city more than 30 meters high buildings, in particular, want to consider adding an intermediary obstacle lights). Area is located in the city and the people near the building intermediary obstacle lamp set, should consider to avoid make residents feel unhappy. General requirements from the ground can only see the light of dissipation.

3, the general shape of the buildings, blocking light should be able to see the outline of an object from each aspect, a horizontal direction can also be reference to 45 meters distance barriers lights.

4, about 105 meters high objects, facilities or anchor tower, the top of the tower, etc., should be set up at its tip in light intensity type A obstacle lights, and as the white flash, the lower layer set obstacles lights intensity type B in red.

5, more than 150 meters of ultra-high objects (such as radio and television tower, large span cable-stayed bridge, etc.) should be set up at its tip highlights strong type A obstacle lights, and should be used, strong specular obstacle lights.

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