A body, the work high above the personnel should be inspected periodically and suffering from diseases such as heart disease, anemia, high blood pressure and other personnel, not suitable for aerial work shall not be engaged in aerial work.

Second, on the rod must carefully check whether stem root firm, such as unstable should be on the reinforced bar. Should also observe the surrounding region near the presence of power line or other obstacles, and so on and so forth.

Three, on the bar before check the climbers and security are in good condition, do not use if you have any questions.

Four, on cue, security zone should be placed in places away from the rod slightly below 50 cm.

Five, with the rod on the nail rod, must check whether the studs of rod is strong.

Six, working in the stem, must use the security zone, and good security ring before work.

Seven, the stem some work, don't someone rod under a certain range.

Eight, pole assignment materials should be fit into a tool bag, to prevent fall injury.

Rod at nine, in addition to the individual equipped with tools, are not allowed to carry any heavy tool material. Standing on the pole, buildings and ground personnel shall not be tossed between tools and materials.

Ten, bar the way some pole rot, who must work on pole and may due to the adjacent lever tension caused by uneven pole, should add for temporary stay or temporary support, to climb.

11, using a hanger, should pay attention to:

(a) on the hanger hook shall not be used when wear off a quarter, sit board and even rope tied should be strong.

(2) by hanging panel, it must be tied with good public security, and bring security approach on the messenger wire.

(3) are not allowed to two people at the same time take a hanger work within a block.

(4) are not allowed to be used on 2.0/7 below messenger wire hanger work 2.0/7 (not including itself).

(5) by hanging plate when the messenger wire connector, have to use a ladder, through the pole must be climbers or ladder, it is forbidden to climb over.

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