①, component rust coating thickness to meet the requirements;

②, the tower components generally have to take hot-dip galvanizing process, the galvanized layer quality must meet the following requirements:

(1) Appearance: hot galvanized sheet must have a uniform, smooth, at the connection is not allowed to have burr, full of tumor and excess caking, and shall not have pickling or exposed iron and other defects.

(2) galvanized adhesion and zinc thickness: plating thickness of less than 5 mm, the amount of zinc must be not less than 460g / m2, that is, the thickness of the zinc layer must be not less than 65μm; plating thickness of not less than 5 mm, The amount of zinc must be not less than 610 g / m2, that is, the thickness of the zinc layer must be not less than 86 μm.

(3) uniformity: plating the zinc layer must be uniform, with copper sulfate solution etching four times without iron.

(4) Adhesion: The zinc layer of the plating element must be firmly bonded to the base metal. The 0.25 Kg hammer is tested by the hammer test, the zinc layer is not peeled off, does not protrude or conforms to GB2694.

Tower material galvanized adhesion and zinc layer thickness, uniformity, adhesion can be YD / T757-95 technical requirements for sampling test, do not meet the requirements for substandard products.

③, the tower components can also take thermal spraying of zinc, aluminum, composite coating, the process must meet the following requirements:

(1) The coating can be rusted with quartz sand, so that the rust treatment to achieve a degrading quality, that is, the steel surface exposed all the metal color, and has a certain degree of roughness to ensure that the spray layer firmly adsorbed on the surface of the component.

(2) thermal spraying the front part of the pre-heating, zinc and aluminum chemical solution must be uniform, strong adsorption, coating thickness must be greater than 100μm, composite coating thickness must be greater than 80μm.

(3) damaged parts in the transport and installation of the coating parts, after the installation of the end must be sprayed, high-altitude fill the first spray must be treated to ensure that the coating adsorption firmly.

④, components factory test before the test

(1) tower components must be carried out before leaving the factory test check. When the test equipment must meet the tower to the site after the smooth installation; tower section of the overall tilt is not greater than the internode between the high 1 ‰; tower body tilt shall not be greater than the whole tower height of 1/1500, after passing the components must be marked ( Can play steel, the depth should be 0.8-1.2 mm), and then sub-packaging, tied firmly. Packaging, the components must be deformed, do not lose, the coating from wear, while packaging must also comply with the relevant provisions of the transport industry.

(2) bolts, nuts must be coated with anti-rust agent alone after packaging.

(3) the box must be marked on the components, parts of the name, number, weight, and fill out the packaging list, so that after the scene to inventory.

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