First, communication tower lightning protection requirements

(1) mobile communication tower should be a perfect anti-lightning and secondary induction lightning device, can be directly used as a conductor tower, the tower at the foot of the lei to avoid reliable connection with the ground network, wall with 40mm × 4mm material Root galvanized flat steel, welded with the tower body qualified, site welding should be a reliable anti-rust anti-corrosion measures.

(2) mobile communication tower should use solar tower lights. For the use of AC electric feed of the aviation sign lights, the power cord should be used with a metal outer protective layer of the cable, the cable metal outer layer should be in the top of the tower and into the entrance of the machine room near the ground. Tower light control line and the power line of each phase should be installed at the entrance of the engine were separately installed arrester, zero line should be directly grounded.

(3) The mobile communication antenna shall be within the protection of the lightning arrester.

Second, the requirements of the communication tower grounding network

(1) communication tower network should be extended to the tower base four feet outside the 1.5m range, the grid size should not be greater than 3mX3m, the surrounding closed, but also the use of tower base pile more than two main bars as a tower Vertical grounding of the ground.

(2) the local network grounding resistance value can not meet the requirements, you can expand the area of the ground network, that is, in the ground outside the network to add 1 ring or 2 ring ring grounding device. The ring grounding device is composed of a horizontal grounding body and a vertical grounding body. The horizontal grounding body is enclosed. The horizontal grounding body and the ground network should be in the same horizontal plane. Between the ring grounding device and the ground network and the ring grounding device should be separated 3m to 5m mutual welding connected to a time; can also be set in the four corners of the radial extension of the grounding body, extending the length of the grounding should be limited to 10m to 30m or less.

Third, the requirements of the communication tower grounding

(1) grounding body should adopt hot-dip galvanized steel, the specifications are as follows:

Steel pipe diameter 50mm, wall thickness should not be less than 3.5mm

Angle steel should not be less than 50mmX50mmX5mm

Flat steel should not be less than 40mmX4mm

(2) the vertical grounding length is preferably 1.5m to 2.5m, and the vertical grounding distance is 1.5 to 2 times of its own length. If the soil resistivity is not uniform place, you can lengthen the appropriate. When the vertical grounding is difficult to install, you can set a number of ring-shaped horizontal grounding, spaced from each other 1m to 1.5m, and should be every 3m to 5m welding with each other once.

(3) 2 times the wide side, the garden steel for its diameter 10 times.

(4) grounding the upper end of the ground should not be less than 0.7m, in the cold areas, grounding should be buried in the frozen soil layer.

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