1. The tower base station should be far away from high power electromagnetic interference or strong pulse interference (radar stations, radio stations, television stations, etc.)

2. And the level of the high tension line distance must be greater than 20 meters

3. Must be far away from the storage of inflammable, explosive, enterprise warehouse and gas station, distance > 20 meters

4. Highway and highway isolation distance is greater than 50 meters

5. Considering the site and the surrounding of flood, landslide, landslide, fault, mountain and other factors

6. Tower base station as far as possible to avoid the children's hospital and the hospital

7. To avoid in the swamps, lakes, pond and river valley, such as depression, in order to avoid causing huge investment

8. The traffic is not high in the region (e.g., sparsely populated areas and highways), try to take advantage of the terrain (such as small hills, slopes, etc.), to avoid blocking, try to expand coverage and covering sections

9. Medium developed township, considering each sector of the traffic equilibrium, reduce unnecessary additional base station

10. The tower base station to avoid selection in open water and the intersection Angle of the building; Urban adjacent base station position should avoid to form a square, to avoid the formation of "ping-pong effect"

11. The tower base station try to consider the utility and transmission lines is introduced into access roads, construction convenient, as well as the maintenance of mobile oil locomotive in and out of convenience

12. Outdoor signal reception level requirement, town of dense urban areas such as road area not less than 98% - 75 dBm signal, villages, plain 95% area of the road signals, such as area of not less than 80 dBm

13. The base station in 100 square metre of land area of control

14. The city of the base station antenna height according to circumstances take 30 to 45 m, G website from downtown asked more than 400 m, the city site from C 400 ~ 600 m. With antenna height when conditions as far as possible on ceiling (45 m)

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