Light, is refers to the light pole height is equal to or greater than 20 m, as urban roads and road, square, stadium, airport, port terminals and other large area lighting, lighting facilities.

Or more columns of mast lighting is stationary (single), lift (electric hoist or manual lifting), three types of hydraulic tilting type.

Light, which are frequently used at present is electric lift high lamp; Lift is light, by the light plate, light pole and base, elevating work station, power distribution system and lightning protection components.

Mast lighting facilities, in our usual used in city lighting engineering construction is not a lot, but it cannot be ignored, maintenance of high lamp light, it is quite necessary for the safe operation, so the daily maintenance and maintenance must pay special attention to maintenance of high lamp. Should according to the relevant provisions of the products factory product operating instructions, maintenance of products on a regular basis.

The main content of high lamp daily maintenance:

1, check the mast lighting all the black metal components, including the inner wall of the light pole, hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion condition, locking measures is in accordance with the requirements of fasteners (corrosion quality should comply with the GB/T9790, GBJ36011 and the relevant provisions of the GB/T11373).

2, check the mast lighting verticality (must be conducted according to the requirements in accordance with the provisions, regular use theodolite measuring and testing), lever error should be allowed a little less than 3 ‰ of high lever. Light pole axis straightness error shall not be greater than the rod length of 2 ‰.

3, check the outside surface of light pole and weld corrosion situation, to experience a long standing but cannot to change again, when necessary by ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection testing method to test the weld and test.

4, check the lamp panel mechanical strength, to ensure the safety of the lamp panel, for enclosed lamp panel should check its heat dissipation;

5, check the bracket of lamps and lanterns of fastening bolts, reasonably adjust the projection direction of lamps and lanterns;

6, carefully check the lamp dish wire (soft rope or cord) usage, see whether or not the wires are excessive mechanical stress, whether there is aging, cracking and the dew line, etc., in the event of unsafe phenomenon should be dealt with immediately;

7, to damage the light source components for replacement and repair of electrical appliances, etc.

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