1. Base station tower more than a certain height, the number of lightning strikes with the height of the tower is proportional to the increase in proportion, that is beyond the tower after a certain height, the chance of lightning will be significantly increased.

2. Tower of the lamp is usually set at the top of the tower 2 to 4, if the use of alternating current, the power cord is necessary for the shield line, together with the upper and lower ends of the outer shield must be grounded. Are now using solar cells for energy, it is necessary to adopt the appropriate lightning protection approach. Together need to be in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Defense, Civil Aviation Authority detailed disposal.

3. The supervisor is necessary to view the tower lightning rod and its support device, the demand direction is correct, strong and reliable, good corrosion resistance, needle body straight error is not greater than the diameter of the top needle bar. The standard size and bending radius of the lightning protection network are correct, the distance between the support pieces is uniform, and the manufacturing quality of the lightning rod and its supporting pieces is necessary to meet the planning requirements. The symbol of the system is necessary.

4. Ensure that the antenna is within the useful maintenance area of the lightning rod and the useful maintenance radius of the lightning rod.

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