A communications tower lightning protection requirements

(1) mobile communications tower should have perfect direct lightning proof and secondary induction thunder device, can be directly used as a conductor, the tower column foot led lightning protection zone and reliable network connection, wall ray with material for a whole 40 mm x 4 mm galvanized flat steel, welding qualified with the tower body, the welding place should have reliable rust corrosion protection measures.

(2) mobile communications tower appropriate USES solar power tower lamp. For using alternating current supply air sign lights, the power cord should be used with metal outer sheath of the cable, the metal outer sheath of the cable should be at the top of the tower and into the room at the entrance of the lateral ground nearby. Tower lamp control line and each phase of the power cord line shall be respectively at the entrance of room to add lightning arrester, the zero line should be directly grounded.

(3) should be on the mobile communication antenna ShanQi within the scope of protection.

2. Communication tower grounding network requirements

(1) network communications tower should be extended to four feet outside the range of 1.5 m from Kentucky, grid size should not be greater than 3 mx3m, its surrounding is enclosed, as well as using the tower base than two main reinforcement of pile as the Eiffel Tower ground vertical grounding system.

(2) of the local network can not meet the requirements, the grounding resistance can increase the size of the network, add 1 or 2 times in counterpoise namely periphery circular grounding device. Ring grounding device is composed of horizontal and vertical grounding body earthing body, level around the grounding body is enclosed, horizontal grounding body and the ground should be in the same horizontal plane, circular between grounding device and ground network, and the ring grounding device should be 3 m to 5 m intervals between welding connected each other once; Can also be radiant extension grounding system is set in the corners of the tower, extends the length of the grounding body should be restricted within 10 m to 30 m.

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