The buildings are divided into three categories according to the risk of fire and explosion, the risk of personal injury and death, and the political and economic value. Different types of buildings have different lightning protection requirements.

(1) the first type of mine building. Refers to the manufacture, use or storage of explosives, gunpowder, detonators, pyrotechnics and other dangerous substances, in case of spark will cause an explosion, resulting in huge damage or personal injury building.

(2) the second type of mine building. Refers to buildings that are important to the national political or national economy and the manufacture, use and storage of dangerous substances, but the spark is not easy to cause an explosion, or will not cause great damage and personal injury and death of the building.

(3) the third type of mine building. Refers to the need for lightning protection in addition to the first category, the second type of lightning protection buildings need to mine outside the building.

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