First, engaged in high-altitude operations to regular physical examination. The doctor diagnosed, where suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, epilepsy and other not suitable for high-altitude operations, shall not engage in high-altitude operations.

Second, the high-altitude operations to be flexible, not to wear hard and easy to wear shoes with nails easy.

Third, the high-altitude operations used to stack a smooth material, tools should be readily put in the tool bag (sets) within. It is forbidden to throw objects up and down.

Fourth, in case of bad weather (such as wind in six or more, fog, heavy rain, etc.) affect the construction safety, prohibit open air, lifting and piling operations.

Fifth, for the high-altitude ladder shall not be missing files, not pad the use of high. The distance between the ladders is 30cm. When used to tie the top, the bottom should take anti-slip measures. Single-sided ladder and the ground angle of 60 ° ~ 70 ° is appropriate, prohibit two people at the same time on the ladder operation. If you want to use long, should be tied firmly. Manchu ladder feet to pull firmly. Use ladder at the channel, should be guarded or set up fence.

Six, there is no safety protection facilities, prohibit the roof of the winding, support, beams, picking the beam and the fixed structure of the walking or operation. Aerial work and ground contact, should be set up communications devices, and responsible for the person.

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