There are several specifications of the lightning tower: GFL angle lightning rod, GJT round bar lightning rod, GH steel rod lightning rod and other forms of metal tower, the figure shows the GFL series of angle lightning rod.

The protection range of the lightning rod is also calculated according to the ball method to protect the radius and protection range. Lightning tower is mainly used for a variety of building lightning protection projects, especially refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, coal mines, explosives library, flammable and explosive workshop, it should be timely installation of lightning tower, due to climate change, lightning disasters continue It is a lot of buildings are installed lightning tower, especially the roof stainless steel decorative tower, shape and diverse styles, beautiful appearance, unique design, widely used in various types of building roof, square and residential green buildings and so on Buildings add radiance and beauty to become a landmark in the city of decorative buildings. Lightning tower principle and lightning rods. Reduce lightning disaster.

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