1, the tower of the selected site by must be conducted with relevant qualifications of geological exploration departments entrusted by the exploration of geological, geomorphic, and present the relevant official reports, and then carries on the tower and foundation design.

2, organized by the project owner for the iron tower foundation construction, the main backer send technical personnel to the supervision and guidance of Kentucky construction, and take full responsibility for the Kentucky construction quality, and related acceptance report signed and sealed in Kentucky. The rest of the project by by construction, is not allowed by subcontract to a third party.

3, construction will entrust a third party on the foundation of the Eiffel Tower and the tower of the installation supervision, supervision of people have the right to issue work order, shutdown and resume work order, by must obey the supervision of personnel management.

4, the construction shall be in accordance with the design drawings and strictly abide by the relevant construction specifications.

5, height of tower foundation must conform to the requirements of specific engineering design.

6, at the top of the tower foundation should level off, steel, spirit level, theodolite, or level observation tower foundation levelness, allowable deviation of plus or minus 2.0 mm.

7, the length of anchor bolt show at the top of the tower foundation shall conform to the requirements of the steel tower design, the length of thread allowable deviation of plus or minus 10 mm, bolt, vertical position accurately. Kentucky, each corresponding to the center of the anchor bolt length and diagonal dimension spacing allowable deviation of plus or minus 10 mm.

8, when acceptance of tower foundation civil construction unit shall submit the following technical documents:

(1) design documents (including documents) design change notice and material substitution.

(2) material quality certificate or the reinspection report.

(3) take cover engineering records.

(4) concrete compressive strength test report.

(5) based on concrete project construction records.

(6) Civil engineering foundation survey records.

Quality certificate