Tower tower body installation can be used single single pack, expand the assembled and integrated installation, conditional also can adopt the method of integral on board installation.

(1), expand the assembled (joining together into a single bar assembly for installation), easy to deformation of the component, supervisors must demand contractor to do strength and stability calculation, when needed, reinforcement measures must be taken.

(2), an integrated installation

Supervision personnel must examine the contractors of independent units is reasonable, each system (units) after the installation, all the components whether they have enough lifting space, strength and reliable stability.

(3), the whole plate installation

The contractor for installation, supervisors must double calculation agree with review of the design unit, design unit is to have complete auxiliary facilities and equipment is calculated.

(4), the installation position of tower boots must conform to the requirements of the construction drawing design, tower boots with basic top surface must be closely joint gap of 3 mm or less is allowed, but the area must not exceed 25% of the soles of tower, tower at the top of the boots bolt hole and foundation embedded bolt center axis deviation of 1.5 mm or less, each tower boots center must have equal spacing, allowable deviation 2.5 mm or less, must have equal quadrilateral diagonal of the tower, the deviation of 3 mm or less, the boot height deviation 1.5 mm or less, each tower boots set level after temporary reinforcement measures must be taken to make it to one or a few structural unit load, the structure of the first unit after the installation, must use the accuracy of the theodolite examination structure installation and verticality, meets the requirements after the use of steel structure in permanent support or filling cement mortar under the tower boots steel plate.

(5), the structure of the need to use has been installed hoisting other components and equipment, must seek permission from the design units, and for strength and stability calculation of related components, reliable to take measures to prevent damage to structures.

(6), determine the geometrical position of the main components (tower hung, beams, diagonal rigidity, etc.) must be installed in design position, must initial correction and fixed before the release hook.

(7), after hanging a layer of components, each must be conducted according to table 3-1 the provisions of the correction, the supervisory staff must focus on side, parallel sampling

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