Building according to the risk of fire and explosion, the risk of life or personal injury, the political and economic value is divided into three categories. Different types have different lightning protection of buildings.

(1) the first kind of lightning protection building. Refers to the manufacture, use or storage of explosives, gunpowder, initiating agent, initiating explosive device, such as a large number of dangerous substances, in edm will explode, causing enormous damage or building of life or personal injury.

(2) the second class lightning protection structure. Refers to the country's political or national economy has important significance of buildings as well as the manufacture, use and storage of hazardous substances explosion, but edm is not easy to cause explosion, or buildings from damage and human lives.

(3) the third class lightning protection structure. Refers to the need of lightning protection in addition to the first category, the second class lightning protection building outside need to lightning protection of buildings.

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