The effect of legacy in the iron tower manufacturing installation

1. The defect of survey, design, construction, etc, lead to hidden trouble, quality can not meet the safe use of functional requirements, serious still can cause the collapse of tower steel structure.

2. The influence of the engineering quality: survey cause tower tower body tilt and design structure strength is low, construction to cause structural strength is low

The influence of new problems in the process of tower service

1. As the growth of the service time, structure by climate change, environmental erosion, physical function, or other external factors, wind erosion and aging materials, such as weld cracking, steel corrosion and damage apparent phenomenon, cause structural damage, and even damage.

2. The influence of wind load: cause tower tower collapsed, fatigue damage and connecting bolts

3. The influence of climate conditions: cause structural damage, cause steel corrosion in concrete foundation

Tower tower body safety reserve evaluation

1. Through the safety assessment, delimit the reliable level of each base tower tower, have a comprehensive knowledge of the health status, and passed the safety assessment for different health, for each tower delineate reliable level, have a comprehensive knowledge of the health, to the health of the iron tower to take a different deal.

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