Decorative tower can usually be used for Q235, Q345, 16Mn, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials, the length of 1.5M - 12M between. Decorative tower of the metal rod with submerged arc welding; surface treatment hot galvanized spray; wind resistance: 45kg / mh. Appearance: After pickling phosphating hot galvanized spray. Welding and smooth, reliable and reliable appearance: equal diameter, cone type, the basic structure of the road: road traffic signal pole, marking rod should be pole, connecting flange, modeling arm, installation flange and embedded steel structure. The decorative towers shall be of a durable structure consisting of a material capable of withstanding mechanical stress, electrical stress and thermal stress. The material and electrical components shall be moisture resistant, free of blew, fire resistant or flame retardant. All exposed metal surfaces of the decorative towers shall be protected by hot dip galvanized layer, the galvanized layer shall be uniform and the thickness shall not be less than 55μm. The quality of the decorative tower structure assembly shall meet the following requirements: Tolerance of the height of the decorative tower is ± 200mm; the permissible deviation of the cross section of the decorative tower is ± 3mm; the deviation of the axis of the tower after installation is ± 5mm; the vertical permissible deviation of the tower is 1/1000; decorative tower size should be coordinated, truss tower tower light up and down should play a good guide, positioning role. Steel structure of the connection bolts should be simple and unified, bolt specifications should adopt M16, the link should be anti-loose measures, and solid and reliable. All the welding joints of the decorative tower should meet the standard requirements, the surface should be smooth and smooth, no pores, welding slag, Weld and missed welding and other defects. Under the condition of satisfying the maximum wind load, the displacement (winding value) at the top of the decorative tower should not be less than 1/200 of the height of the decorative tower. The non-charged metal of the fixture is formed integrally and is connected to the ground wire through the grounding bolt on the housing. Decorative tower shell protection level is not less than: IP55, decorative tower protection level should meet the requirements of open air use environment. Decorative tower should be equipped with a reliable grounding device, the grounding resistance should be ≤ 10 ohms. The type and size of the foundation of the building shall be determined according to the seismic intensity, wind load strength, geological conditions and the specific requirements of the user at the installation of the lighthouse. The specific installation drawings and the necessary construction requirements shall be provided as required (specifically including: basic concrete strength Shall not be lower than the C20; foundation should be buried at the top of the M24 anchor bolts, bolts exposed base height should not be less than 100mm, bolts embedded position deviation of not more than ± 2mm; introduction of cable embedded steel pipe location and specifications, etc.). Decorative tower outdoor control switch box should be used stainless steel box, and its surface for spray treatment. (0.2m) with Φ89 × 4.5 straight seam steel pipe, welded reinforced plate (δ10 steel plate) protection; pole and the base of the flange plus the use of the flange plus the Φ159 × 6 straight seam steel pipe; (Δ10 steel plate) protection; the cross arm and the pole end connection way using the flange connection, and the welding reinforcement plate (δ10 steel plate) protection; pole center axis from the lateral arm The distance between the ends of the center of the road is 5m. Horizontal arm with Φ89 × 4.5 straight seam steel pipe; and horizontal arm welded evenly welded pipe 3, using Φ60 × 4.5 steel pipe. Marking pole overall hot galvanized. In the construction, the basis for the field pouring. Before pouring in the pit dug in advance in the shop 20CM thick sand cushion. The base of the sign is the same as the elevation of the road infrastructure at the nearest place around the rod. Installation in line with the national standard of the sign area of not more than 4.5 square meters, the wind resistance of 8.

Construction of the basic structure of the tower, as shown in the figure: Basic model: determined by the required model of the camera model; Production location: in the "equipment layout plan" marked the location of the camera at the base of the production requirements: 1 , Should be consistent with the existing national standard "electrical installation installation cable construction and acceptance of the relevant norms" of the relevant provisions; basic and Yinjing should be between the threading tube, and the placement of wire; base steel plate according to M20 standard tapping, with galvanized screws Two, plain washers and spring washers each one. Material: 8mm steel plate, 20mm steel, C25 concrete, gravel, 2.5 inch PVVC elbow; Production location: In the "equipment layout plan" marked Yinjing location production requirements: 1, should meet the current national standard "electrical installation Engineering cable line construction and acceptance of norms "of the relevant provisions; Yin Jing sealing performance and good waterproof performance. Material: Masonry, cement, steel plate; Decorative tower cable tube laying Uses: laying cable to prevent cable damage; Pipeline routing: According to "equipment layout plan" marked the type and routing laying tube, dark tube. Note: 1, should be consistent with the existing national standard "electrical installation of cable construction and acceptance of the provisions of the" relevant provisions; cable tube sealed, good waterproof performance; cable from the ground Should not be less than 0.7 meters; cable pipe nozzle should be no burr and sharp edges and corners; cable tube placed threading wire. Material: 1, dark pipe laying the use of steel pipe.

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