Section 1 Survey

First, the transfer of objects, to prohibit throwing, playing with, especially in the street when the measurement should pay attention to avoid injury.

Second, in the vicinity of the train survey, pay attention to not use the red flag, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

Third, the encounter rivers, deep ditch, high-kan, etc., be careful to pass, can not blindly test and suddenly jump.

Section II holes

First, in the urban suburbs hole, you should first understand the hole area whether there are gas pipes, water pipes or power cables and other underground objects. If appropriate should be displaced. Do not use steel brazing or iron pick hard chisel. To avoid accidents.

Second, close to the wall when the hole, pay attention to whether the wall will collapse, if dangerous, should take safety reinforcement measures.

Third, in the soil soft areas of the hole, if necessary, to protect the soil board support to ensure safety.

Section III pole, demolition pole, change lever

First, the pole must be experienced by the staff responsible for the organization, a clear division of labor, in advance to check the pole tool is complete and solid, to participate in personnel to follow the unified command, the responsibility.

Second, the pole when the non-staff members shall not enter the workplace. Do not touch the eaves when you stand up in the vicinity of the house, so as not to hurt the tiles. In the densely populated areas of the pole, there must be someone to maintain the scene to ensure safety.

Third, the pole did not return to soil before ramming, are not allowed to work on the pole.

Fourth, on the pole before work, you must check the root is solid, there are problems, should be reinforced and then on the pole.

Fifth, remove the poles, the first demolition of the material should be removed on the pull line, and finally to remove the poles.

6, not in the original hole replacement pole, the new pole must be set up after the new pole from climbing, and the old and new rod tied together, and then in the old pole on the removal of lines or equipment.

7, the replacement of poles, such as the use of old rods linked to a trolley to hang the new rod, you should first check the old rod decay, if necessary, should be set up temporary support. Put the old pole, should be linked to the new bar pulley, rope one end of the old rod, the other end of the new pole around the whole circle, the hand slowly relax, under the bar to stop people, so as to avoid danger.

8, the use of crane stand, withdrawal rod, wire sets tied to the appropriate position in the poles to prevent "hit the former Shen", the crane should be appropriate location, found sinking or tilt should take measures. With a crane to pull, should try to pull; if any questions should be dug to check whether the crossbar or chuck and other obstacles.

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