Lightning tower

Lightning tower is mainly used in lightning protection project of various buildings, Main types:  angle steel lightning rod tower,  round steel lightning rod tower,  steel pipe pole lightning rod tower and so on.

Structure features:
1. Lightning tower mainly adopts round steel, angle steel, steel tube as material of pylon, which has small wind load coefficient and strong wind resistance. With excellent stability, pylon is connected by flange or bolts
2. Generally, most shapes are equilateral triangle (saving steel and land resource). Light weight, convenient for transportation and installation, and short construction period.


Lightning tower is mainly used in lightning protection project of various buildings, particularly refinery, gas station, chemical plant, coal mine, explosive depot, inflammable and explosive workshop, where should be placed lightning tower timely. Considering the climatic change and increasing lightning disasters, more buildings are in great need of lightning towers, especially roof stainless steel tower. Great variety of styles and gorgeous appearance make lightning tower widely used in the green space on the roof, square, and residential area. Surrounded by the constructions, lightning tower becomes the symbolic ornamental building in the city.

Design basis:

1. Code for design of lightning protection of buildings(GB50057-94)
2. Code for design of high-rise structures (GBJ135-90)
3. Code for design of steel structure (GB50017-2003)
4. Code for construction and acceptance of steel structural tower and guyed mast engineering(CECS 80:2006)

Technical parameters:

1. Basic wind pressure(two kinds): Wo=0.4KN/㎡ and Wo=0.7KN/㎡
2. Seismic fortification intensity: ≤ 8 degrees places
3. Bearing capacity of foundation soil: 100 KN/㎡ and 200 KN/㎡
4. The thickness of ice: ≤10mm. perpendicularity≤1/1000.
5. Material: Q235-Q345 steel
6. Preservative treatment: hot galvanization preservative treatment/ cold galvanization preservative treatment/ painting
7. Material origin: Baosteel/ Shougang Group/ Handan Steel Company/ Tangshan Iron & Steel

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