Rapid deployment station(RDS)

Rapid deployment station(RDS) belongs to the field of mobile network base station of communications industry. It is a revolution to the traditional base station. It combines tower body, square cabinet and foundation in one. With current international popular standard industrial design and production pattern, cabling system, communication transmission receiving equipment, air-condition, feeder window, and other equipments for heat preservation, lighting, monitoring, lightning protection, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, are all centralized in an integrated base station. The station is fixed on the foundation through room outside framework which communication tower is placed on.


For the rational design, it is convenient to assemble the whole station without welding, just through bolts. Tower body and machine room are integrated, and the tower body is scalable through dynamic mechanism for single section, and lifting range is 7.5-40 meters. Rapid deployment station(RDS) can be completed in 2 hours, so it enhances the speed of station construction and the ability of emergency communication, and strengthen the network coverage. Therefore, the problem of permanent base station construction is solved.Rapid deployment station(RDS) is the most common type, which is adopted by today's telecommunication operators in developed countries. It provides telecommunication operators with standard facilities, updates existing base stations and constructs new base stations. The design for integration warehouse and tower conforms to current national code, such as the code of building load, concrete structure, design of steel structure, tolerance and fit standard, tightening standards, construction and acceptance of steel structure, aseismic design, anticorrosion and so on.

Design specification:



Wind pressure

0~1kN/m2 (Chinese standard, other country's standard may change based on it)

Wind speed

0~180km/h(American standard 3s gust)

Foundation type

Independent foundation/Raft foundation/Pile foundation

Environment condition

Soft ground/Mountain groud


Single pole/ lattice




Hot dip galvanization (86μm/65μm)

Connection structure




1. Compact structure, light weight, high strength, heavy load bearing, small wind resistance and area covering.
2. Standardized production, high degree of integration, easy to install.
3. There is no need to build march-past machine room. The appearance is attractive, and the color is eye-catching.
4. Tower body can go up and down automatically to reach different heights. Short construction period and high performance-cost ratio.

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