Guard Tower

Guard tower, also named camera tower or watching tower, which is developed and invented based on steel tower, and combines telecom, monitor and lighting tower function together. These towers are widely use in school, parking square, high building, forest, river and dam, and bathing beach.
Monitor tower is suitable for human observation or electronic monitoring of plant area and important area management, such as: environmental monitoring, prison management, etc. The material consists of a round steel, angle steel, steel pipe structure. Also available for aluminum alloy structure, made of light aluminum alloy monitoring tower. To reduce the floor area, we can put the product on the top of the building. According to the national standard production of Monitoring tower, the monitoring towers of our company have reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, good durability, hot galvanized anti-corrosion treatment and long anti-corrosion time. Without surface maintenance the aluminum alloy watch tower can safely serve up to 50 years.

TENGYANG can design and produce every type of monitor tower, which has features of less space, less weight, easily transportation & delivery, fast installation and high strength. We also design them as per every client's standard or site condition, to make the structure solid and safety.

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